How can i change Blender Icon to My Game Icon ?

Hello … i am new member

I finisned my little game and now i want to publish.
But i have problem about How to change Game Icon,
Blender Icon look great but This is my game , I want to
use My Game Icon for my Game…

How can you do this ?

***OS : Window

read the stickys in future


i have an error, my file must be 4710 bytes?
not 3000?

Thank you !

The IR is very useful for Blender user.
I can chage Blender Icon to My Game Icon now !


and This is my game ’ Eden Garden : hyper spy action ’ game play like MGS ! , I use Poser created Character and Export to lwo. and Import my
Character again to Blender , I try to make Character animation by amature.
However it’s still look Joking , I will june up animation !

your web site is [email protected]#ked :frowning: or realy slow

if you go to the root of you will see those famous yeti games
I don’t understand german but I wonder if it is the same guy who made those blender utilities
by the way, is it not “Garden of Eden” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

how can i make icon, when size=4710 bytes?

that character looks nice, but it was made in poser, correct? If so, how many faces does it have? The blender game engine can only support a limited # of faces in a scene at any given time…

In 2.25 , It’s impossible.
In 2.34 , It’s work. I can import my character to Blender and now i try to make her walk cycle. If it work , i will show you .

Thank you for your information.

why anybody wants to answer me?
i changed to *.ico in infranview, but i have error, that icon must have 4710 bytes

Ok , I have the answer for you…
You can use IconCool Editer to creat your game Icon
IconCool can search by Google or Yahoo , It’s limited time to use !

I downloaded it ir10 and ir11, first replaces icon in file, second in all file from blender publisher, yes?
i must search PlenderBublisher folder.
than it raplace, but i want to replace from 2.34, not 2.25…

For replacing an icon from a runtime.

  • download somwhere a icon painter
  • download resource hacker
  • replace with resource hacker the icon runtime with the painted one
  • now save resource and you’re finished.