How can I change mist/horizon color during runtime?

I’m just simply trying to change the horizon color keyframes during runtime. If I put the action on an empty object it doesn’t work, which makes sense. So how could I call an action for world setting keyframes in the game engine as they are not tied to any objects?

Thanks in advance. It could be really interesting to play with dynamic world settings in game.

You can use:


There are more options in UPBGE (eg horizonColor and zenithColor)

Wow, thank you! That is surprisingly simple. I can definitely manage that.

The Blender documentation is starting to make sense to me :slight_smile: I remember when I first saw it I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I’ll start reading through some of it in my down time.

@APilch Right? Same for me! It all looked so complicated back then, but now I can make sense of it. I guess that means I am learning…