how can i change shadow strongness?

how can i change shadow strongness? i mean always the shadow has the same power and would like to get bridther or darker shadows with a setting!!! any clues? or am i blind?


shadow means - no light. so, to get more light in to the shadow areas, there are different ways.

  • light up your scene in general (ambient light)

  • make the material that recieves shadows emit a little bit

  • the more transparent your material of the shadow casting object is, the lighter the shadow will be (using raytraced transparency, of course)

  • be creative :slight_smile:

I find that the classic spot lamps are the best way to control the strength of sharp or soft shadows.

For example you could add a hemi light and then add several spot lamps with the “Only Shadow” feature. The bright you make an “Only Shadow”, the darker the shadows will be. Tweaking around with the Bias and Clip End setting can acheive really good results for many different kind of environments.

The downside is of course the distance limitation. If you have a very large scene, you may have to add a large number of shadow lamps to make sure every asect of the scene is effected by shadow.

My conclusion is that you should always have full control over the strength and characteristics of your shadows and having a number of “Only Shadow” lamps gives all the controll you’ll need.

I’ll post you an example later if you want.

Hope I’ve been of some help


Hello again. Here’s the example I promised. It’s from my latest KungFu project. Still needs a lot of work but here it is.

Nor Yafray, Ambient Occlusion or Radiosity was used to achieve this lighting environment.

This results in relatively fast rendering times. Animating this scene will be no problem.

I have also also found that buffered spot shadows are effective and efficient for rendering times.

One problem I found with the “shadow only” option is that in large scenes it creates unwanted banded dark areas at the edges of the “shadow only” spots. I borrowed a solution from Cinema 4D where two exactly the same spots are used (at the same location), but one is a regular non-shadow spot and the other is “shadow only.” Then the shadow-artifacts are gone. But this is only necessary in large scenes where it is impossible to light the entire scene with a few lamps.

BTW, nice dojo renders!