How can I change the speed in a bezier circle animation?!

Does anyone knows how to change the SPEED of a bezier circle?! Here’s the thing: I’m creating an animated solar system. I don’t want all the planets to rotate at the same speed… But the thing is that when I just change the path lenght, when the smaller planets ends their rotation, they stop moving until the last one ends it’s rotation… (Because the whole animation ends at frame 230, every animation whom Path lenght is shorter then that [let’s say it ends at frame 110] is going to stop moving until the last one ends it’s rotation…) And it kinda sucks! Can somebody help me out?! Thanks a lot!

What you have to do is open up an IPO window and start adjusting the SPEED curve itself. You probably will want to convert all the point types to linear so there is no easing at the start and end. Also you will want to change the curve type to extrapolate this will fix the planets stopping problem.

Yeah, I’ve tried that, but the thing is that, once I’m in the IPO Window, there aren’t any curves there! I can’t add one, and I can’t add points to a curve.

What can I do?!

alright, I’ve figured out a solution! Thanks again!

Yes, you must switch from the default display of object to path. Then the curve will be displayed in the IPO window!