How can I constrain an object to automatically stay inside another object?


Beginner here. As a little starter project, am doing the classic ‘model my room’ starter. I have a cube as the walls/floor/ceiling of the room and am adding objects in side (bed, table etc). As I’m adding objects, I’m wondering if I should be doing something to automatically constrain the objects inside the cube so that I can position them without them leaving the cube. If that makes sense? Is this possible?


I hear you bud, dont see why you need to over complicate things with constraints etcetera my suggestion just hand position the models

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in the proprieties panel -> take the constraints tab --> Limit distance

Set the target and choose the “inside” option.

Ok, thanks for the advice.

Hello, I tried that but unfortunately it isn’t behaving as expected. It sort of slows down toward to the edge of the cube but it doesn’t really block it. Anyway, it looks like I am overcomplicating matters so perhaps it’s more trouble than it’s worth! Thanks anyway.