how can i control myself when i'm about to laugh ¿

sometimes , i can’t control my seelf when i’m about to laugh , does that vary from someone to another , or it is experience ?
how can i learn that ? i’m that kind of men that can’t hide his real feelings :no:
maybe the thread is silly a little , but guide me
have i to think in another subject when i’m about to laugh … what is the solvant ?

I bite my cheek (from the inside) that seems to work for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT:I just realised the weirdness of this question, why did you ask?

Truly a weird question to ask. Why would you want to stop yourself laughing, after all laughter makes you live longer. Personally a really deep breath combined with a bit of lip biting does the trick.

When you do find the cure you won’t get the munchies anymore and your short-term memory will improve.


I’m the kind of person that never laughs. But when I do I am unable to control myself… It can last for DAYS (triggered by anything reminding me of the moment.)

I have had no luck in stopping.

Laughing for days?! Now that’s funny! I haven’t come across a time (within recent memory) when I’ve needed to stop myself laughing. I generally just go with it. What I need is to find a way to stop myself staying awake late into the night. With that I bid you all good night (early morning), I hope;)

Talk about off topic.

(Um… I’m not saying that’s what you should do to stop laughing, by the way. I"m saying that this is really off topic.)

Perfect place to discuss it then. Nice to see something inocently random and completely different on the off-topic forum.

think about something that is not funny, like a fat guy in a speedo (but don’t imagine him dancing to the Coconuts song, cuz then it’ll be funny). if that doesn’t work, try and think about something that makes you angry, like past humiliation. in all truth, this kinda thing takes practice. don’t overdo it, or else life will lose it’s meaning (having fun)

well the only reason i can see that you would not want to laugh, would be that perhaps you are at a funeral and you start randomly laughing…

but what i do when i dont want to laugh, is generally just think about something REALLY sad. like i imagine that my girlfriend died, (although if you want her to die then this wont work). or i think about really gruesome stuff, like people dying in a really graphic way.

ok now after you have got those thoughts in your mind, bite your tongue.

and if you do that correctly, you will have forgotten what you were originally laughing about. and will no longer feel the urge to laugh.

Try to visualize the complete, operating inner workings of clock moving in synchronous precision. It can occupy your mind pretty completely if you do it right.

it also works as a simple zen koan.

No offense intended but from what I recall uncontrollable laugh attacks are one of symptoms of rather rare neurogenetic disorder called Angelman syndrome as well as -independently- of some other, minor problems. If it’s a real problem for you- consult doctor rather then bunch of random persons on net. Community is great but we’re just 3d guys so you can get advices like “jump 3 times on left foot while creating teapots in Blender” which are of course given with best intentions and might be amusing but that’s it.

There is virtue in being the kind of man that can show his feelings. Unless you’ve got something to hide, or are trying not to laugh at a despot with troops with machine guns right behind you, it’s best just to show your feelings. Others will understand you better, and you’ll be better liked.

…then again, if you arent from the us (which i believe you arent, but can’t check while posting) I guess your culture could call for some control. In which case, train yourself not to think of funny things to begin with, controlling your thaughts is the first step in effectively controling your actions.

Hi , actually i want to say that i meant that i didn’t want to laugh in specific situations …

in some seriouse situations am seriouse but if someone tried to make me laugh by intention how can i make him unable to affect me …

the whole thread needs to tell a story but it is too long , to type it …

3D, let’s say that you’re in an elevator and two people are discussing in a language you find amusing. You’re about to laugh but you try not to. Don’t hide it. The best thing to do is exhale heavily because it’s even more embarrasing when you try not to laugh (you know by closing up your nostrils) and end up cracking up. Just exhale instead and it will barely show.

yah fadiez … right .

You could turn the laugh into a cough maybe. I think I may have just done that before. Though grinning while coughing your lungs out may confuse people a lil bit :\

i tried it , it didn’t work , i’m not an actor !

trying to cough is a really bad method, especially if someone had just made a joke, because then it looks like you’re obviously trying to cover up a laugh (oddly enough, that reminds me of a story a friend told me, that his grandma tries to cover up her farts with a cough, but can’t seem to synchronize the two…) anyway, the best i can give is just learn to grim up. practice clearing your mind and setting your face, and do it often enough until you can do it on the fly. laughing is a very natural impulse; silencing that impulse takes discipline.

Bite the cheek,it always works for me,just like Zoup