How can I control the position of a mesh along a curve (attached with Clamp To)?

[EDIT: I changed the title to better reflect what I need.
Previous title: “How can I use a shape key to move a mesh along a curve?”]

The basis key should be the mesh (attarched to a curve via Clamp To constraint) at the beginning of the curve and the 1st key at the end.
Is this possible?

*if I do this, nothing happens when I change the key value.
Obviously, the position of the mesh has to be controlled along the curve in someway.

Its not posibble, just difficult to say… Btw shape key for a shape not a movement

I wouldn’t mind if the mesh could be moved along the curve path using a driver.
What I actually want, is realtime control of the mesh along the path.

But if I attach a mesh to a curve using Clamp To and then rotate the curve, the mesh jumps to another curve location because it is affected by world space.

In orher words, is it possible to control the position of a mesh along a path in realtime?
[I changed the title accordingly]
I do not mean by animating the mesh in timeline.

Yea the mesh would jump, Have you make the mesh as a parent allready?

Parent the mesh object to the curve.

Yeap, I tried all kinds of parentship + Clamp To and I always get this:

Sorry, I should have tested.

In general, I’d say that if you want to control the distance along the path carefully, in any object transformation of the curve, that you should be looking at a follow path constraint instead. I can’t say I have a full understanding of a how a clamp-to is evaluated. Is there some reason that a follow path constraint doesn’t do what you want?

I finally found the solution, it can only be done with Follow Path by animating the offset parameter -no parenting required.

So, any hints how to animate a parameter in Blender?

We posted simultaneously. I thought it couldn’t be done with Follow Path aside via the timeline.
So my final step is to control that parameter with some driver -any hints?

For that, I would set the follow path to “fixed position” first, so that it doesn’t change with frame count. After that, you can animate offset directly: enter a value, hover mouse over the value, ‘i’ keyframe; move to a different frame, repeat.

If you want a controller, it’s pretty easy to make controllers with drivers. Add an empty, right click on sidebar/item/transform/location/x, “copy as new driver”, right click in “offset” field, “paste driver”. Now your offset parameter is being driven by the x position of the empty.

Perfect! A controller is what I was looking for, thank you very much!