How can i create a blender game for iPhone/iTouch???

This evening i went around a lot in the web searcing stuff that i could use for create iPhone apps, and i think i found somewhat, like the SKD, a computer app made by apple for create apps, but what i found really interesting is a program, i haven’t yet understood if it’s free, called SIO2, an engine that should able us to create games using blender…

But i dont understood a lot, so i would like to know if and how its possible to create apps using blender and after to publish it on the app Store… Thank you very much, i hope you could help me with that… Bye :D!

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You can’t. I don’t think Blender runs on iPhone. But you might use 3D Models created in Blender with a game engine that runs on iPhone.

I hope it helps

Ah, ok, and what engine is better to do that? Thanks again!

Unity is free and compatible with blender models.

I’d recomend checking out and supporting Erwin in this thread.

I took the time and read the thread beggining to end, and I think this is a worthy project for all.

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I would just add a more direct link to the project itself:

i already tried unity, but i don’t understood if with only the free version can I export games to publish on the app store… and about sio2interactive, nobody can tell me anything? i watched a lot, and i think that it can be the best way, or not?

@social&kuro…: i don’t understood what good your link… can you explain me please? thanks much to all :smiley:

PS: anybody already asked for that and maybe found a solution? maybe there is a 3d where can i find all the information i’m looking for? thanks aagain

If you are specifically wanting info about that engine, you may want to ask on their forums.

If you want to make a game you need to understand how to use unity, SI02 or any other game engine. Don’t expect a game to make itself, it takes a hell of a lot of hard work and knowledge of what you’re doing. There are a series of unity tutorials on youtube (search for cannedmushrooms).


yes, i already understood that unity uses another GE, and so sould leart it, but i don’t want because i love too much the BGE… but i thought that SIO2 was only a blender plugin for export games in the app format, so after i can up it on the app store… or not?

i hope you can help me :smiley: bye!

Think again.


sorry richard, i don’t understood what you mean… :smiley:

guys, nobody found the solution?

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Book not yet released
If you want to make an iphone game with blender you have to learn to use the SI02 or Unity engines.
There are a series of video tutorials about using Unity on youtube. Search for for the user named cannedmushrooms.


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U can only create models on blender and with SOI2 use them.U cant use bge and i dont think bge will ever get 2 have the chance to run on the iphone/ipod touch officially(but if does i will have cheek cramps from over smilling)

na, i don’t want to learn a new engine, maybe unity, so i could insert it into a web page to, but i dont understood a think::

for run unity on iphone, i have to buy unity or i can use the free version? thanks much :smiley:

Well, unity itself is free in its basic form, but to actually publish iPhone games, you need to buy a license.
You can always email unity directly if you have any more questions…

ah, ok… but for publish a game in a web page, there is no need to buy a license, am i right? and how can i do that once that i’ve created a game in unity? maybe there is a tutorial?
You really should start reading the documentation and reading and watching tutorials on the Unity website. If you’re not able to even manage to do this, do you think you’re really capable of using and understanding Unity. Maybe you should set your expectations at a more manageable level.


the problem is exaclty that, i don’t know others engine and i think that the BGE is so simply and very useful, that using unity i couldnt do all i do on blender, so my only problem is to convert… and i’m very sorry that the blender programmers hadnt think to create a module for insert a game into a web page at least… i understand that the iPhone is really complicated… there is no way to contact the blender developpers??