How can I create a hole in an existing mesh?

how can I create a hole in my mesh to have a leg coming out?

concept image:


I seen a thread on here before but I cant find it. Thanks!

We need to see your existing mesh to give you our opinions. Usually when making major midcourse correction in modeling, it’s best to start over though.

Hi :slight_smile:
Try using the boolean modifier. It usually works pretty well, but it can leave some messy topology in your model if you’re not careful. So I recommend duplicating your mesh and leaving a backup version on a different layer :slight_smile:

If you’ve not used the boolean modifier before hopefully this’ll help :slight_smile:

The Boolean method did not work, it comes up with weird geometry. I am basically trying to create a hollow extrusion into my spherical model!

Since recently we do have this:

Another way to cut mesh; might work even better than booleans sometimes.

@eppo, I guess you are using a quite new revison? I found this in the SVN log of revision 55445 from Mar 20, 2013; 5:03pm at this site.

Log Message:

  • add knife project to toolbar.

Yes, that Project Knife new tool is really good for those cases. A good reason to get a recent Blender build :

While waiting for Blender 2.67 that will feature it too.

Thanks man that worked but there are some issues with it but I guess it will be resolved on release!

Heh, kind of late saw your question - Sanctuary did cower that - buildbot. And yes, there are issues; it works even if template mesh is separate parts, but it tends to miss some e.g.

Knife project cuts active object with selected object and view angle is the direction. In other words:

  • Select the cutting object
  • then select the object to be cut, edit mode
  • position your view
  • press knife project

Cutting object can’t be closed geometry. Meaning that you can’t cut a cube with a cube, while cutting cube with a circle is fine, for example.