how can i create a inky material like this

how can i achive this

bot the outline but the colors

Looks to be a combo of the toon shader and the edge rendering option. the toon shader is found in the material buttons>shaders tab>Dropdown combo box. and the Edge rendering settings in found in Scene>Output>Edge button.

good , thanks …

Actually, since I made that image I should let you know: I hate the toon shader. What you see there is actually a ramp with two shades – the light orange and the darker shadow orange – whose value is set by a sun lamp. If you set the ramp shader input to either “Energy” or “Result” and have a ramp that has no gradation (one color starts almost immediately after the other finishes) you’ll get a much more easily-controllable toon shader than what’s provided.

The benefit is that you can adjust shadows and such for characters individually by setting lamps to effect only objects on their layer. I also feel it gives you more control over the actual look of your toon shading; you can easily set any number of colors for the banding or blend between a certain set using ramps. Using the same technique you could create skin similar to what’s seen in Fairy Berry. I’ve actually seen plugins in Maya that do a 6-color blend between two specified colors; it creates a very nice effect if that’s what you’re going for.

It should be noted that there are two problems with this method:

  1. The midpoint where the colors change on the ramp is different for nearly every set of shades I’ve come across. Simply creating it once and then copying the material to create another dark/light ramp set with different colors will not work without first moving that midpoint.

  2. Pure white looks like crap. Add a bit of greyish blue into it to make it look actually white. (Sounds weird, but as you get to playing with it you’ll see what I mean.)

If you’re still curious you can always download the production files from my 3D blog. It’s in my signature, the foxfire one.