how can I create an .exe for mac osx?

hello world

I have built a littel game with blender. Ita house, where you can walk through with the arrow keys and you can move your head by moving the mouse to look around. on windows it runs great, but it doesnt run on mac osx.

On osx I can open the .blend file, but as soon as I try the game with “p” I see through my camera but I can`t move… :frowning:

the .exe file doesn`t work at all.

thank you for your answer. -madayar-

Every PC blend I try on a Mac works for me, so I can’t help you there, but if you want to create an executable for the macintosh you just have to go through the same steps you do on the Pc, except you just rename the .exe to .app.

Hope this helps!

yep you helped me a lot. the app is running now. :wink:

thank you -madayar