How can i create better hair for my model?

Hey guys! I really like my model as it stands but i want to try and make the hair look better!

This is what the hair currently looks like

And this is what i want the hair to kinda resemble. I’m only really getting used to character modelling now so some tips would be really handy! :slight_smile:

Hair, hair, hair… If you want to make the hair look better, you have to spend the time and make the hair look better. There are no tricks or shortcuts. Whether you make poly hair, particle hair, soft body hair, or sculpted hair, it’s going to take a lot of time to get the look you want.

Think about it this way: hands are more time consuming and difficult than torsos. Why? Because there is more detail that has to be done right to look good. Well, a head of hair has more details than both hands. Other than our friends, we mostly see hair in magazines and movies. Think about how much time those people spend getting their hair ‘done’ before the photographer shows up! Even in the real world, good looking hair takes time.

You made the body to the level of detail you wanted. Just bite the bullet and do the hair the same way. Same rules for topology apply: follow the natural flow of the hair clumps.