How can I create self-colliding hovering spheres?

I recently saw this ad from Darphin on Insta :
I feel like it could be doable in Geo Nodes :

  1. Hovering spheres need to pop out (from 0 to 1 in scale) from a main sphere
  2. Once it’s out, those need to be attracted to the original sphere (need to understand how attraction/repulsion works, any tuts ?)
  3. Spheres need to self collide (so no collision before it’s out of the main sphere and then activate it? am I wrong ?)
  4. All the spheres need to hover in space like bubbles
  5. Once I figure out this system, I can repeat it and form the shape that I want ?

I’m pretty new to Geo Nodes, I never dug deep into it but this could be the it. Am I thinking right ? Would you have any tuts to recommend ?

I’ll be updating this post with my results and share with you guys my findings !

Thank you if you have any idea how to help this project !

The tools you need to do this in geonodes are still in development, you’ll need this build:

And do some googling on ‘blender geometry nodes simulation branch’ to find some tutorials/guides on how to use these tools

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Thanks, I’m gonna look more specifically today at it but it’s what i thought !

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