How can I create turn base wargame and control RC car games?

Yo! Iam create my own games and has skill in FPS games. Thanks to ya people! all i need finished modelling before upload demo here. (alot texture to do…i havent starting texture… oops)

now… iam fancy to create mini games that it has wargame turn base (just like Savage World rules) so fps look over to screen and press to enter the wargame, begain control armys in bird view. red vs blue. heh.

And control an radio car, just like in game called Ape Escape that you can stop moving first person but look at rc car and control it. it aswell need press enter on control to start minigame.

is those can be add in games engine? it will be fun. while i wait, ill carry on modelling environment in it.

(once at a time please. hah. easy one first as i has no 100% skill in programmer. and label it which which.)