How can I deselect one of the edge loops in blender 2.8

Hi! I selected 5 edge loops, how can I deselect one of them? I use left click as active button and I use emulate 3 button mouse (I use tablet).

If you use Alt+Shift+Left Click to add an edge loop to a selection, you can use the exact same sequence to deselect an edge loop.

Thats the problev as I told you I use ‘Emulate 3 button mouse’ becouse of I use tablet and those hotkeys already used for moving in viewport… so thats not working in my case

Ah… when I use my tablet I have one of the pen buttons set up as middle click. In that case just create your own shortcut key to replace the two Loop Select entries in the keymap?

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Yes I think this is the solution but can’t figure out what shortcut will be handy… well I’ll test some thanx for answer

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