How can I disengage a camera from tracking at the end of a path?

I have a camera that follows a nurbs path. At the end of the path, I want to rotate the camera and or do other animations in sequence. The camera can not rotate. How can I continue to add frames to the animation and keyframe the camera as I go along?

Your camera should be able to move and rotate freely even with a follow path constraint. Is there any other constraint on it ?

Are you using Follow Path Constraint? If so, all you do is to reduce the Influence setting to zero. Key frame Influence setting appropriately for animation.

Yes, I also have a “Track to” constraint. Let me better explain. I solved the immediate issue by creating an empty and then using “Track to”, to the empty. So when I reach the end of the path, I move the empty and the camera can track the empty. However, I want to make sure I get a complete understanding of how to handle the camera. So at the end of the path, if I also have the “Track to” constraint. Is there a way to disengage it? Or is there another way to do this altogether?

Like Ridix said you want to set the track to’s influence to zero, so that the camera is freed - right now it locks the rotation values of your camera.

Ok, so I did that and the camera resets it’s rotation. This means I will have to keyframe it’s last position before influence is set to zero manually, correct?

Ah yes ! I should have thought of that. You need to keyframe the visual rotation before you turn down the constraint.