How can I do eyebrows ?

I don’t know how I done this, but I lost all the UVMap datas… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
I think I’ll commit suicide… :x :<

So i’ll redo the mapping, but I block on a point… How can i do eyebrows ? I tryed particles, uvmap, textures… bads results each times…

The head is now fully armatured… I have to redo the mapping (arg damn !) and do the eyebrows so I could animate him !


simple answer… model them! :wink:

you could try with the fiber script…first create some nice grass and after that mold it to suit the style you need with the proportional vertex editing tool…

make them have a nice texture and you’ll have great results if you don’t mind a little extra rendering time.

then make them stick to the face with vertex parenting, parent them to the bones or what ever you want.

nice head btw! imho he’s been up way too long… the veins in his eyes are showing quite a bit :slight_smile: and also the shirt looks kinda metallic… try messing around with spec values & maby make the spec & hard texture dependent.

if do you want to animate it, the best solution is modelling hair by hair.

Sample image

If you want to use the fiber script here’s my method of doing eyebrows:

  1. In edit mode, select the verts where you want the left (or right) eyebrow to be.
    2)Shift-D to duplicate and P to separate
    3)edit edit mode and select the new eyebrow piece
    4)Rotate it so that the direction the eyebrow hairs will be facing is down (So that gravity will pull them in the right direction)

5)I used these settings for eyebrows. You’ll have to choose the appropriate length and width for the scale of your head:
Gravity: 2
Segments: 2
Initial Gravity: 20
Randomize Direction: 2
Frizziness: 0
Follow Normals: 1

A good eyebrow should have between 300-500 faces approximately, depending on the width of the hairs

6)Rotate the eyebrow hairs back so that they match up with your model
7)Duplicate and flip them so that you have an eyebrow for the other eye.

ripsting: what shameless self promotion…tsk tsk :stuck_out_tongue:

That’ll all work, but I have to say the I’ve seen lots of excellent head models on cg talk, and mostly they have painted eyesbrows. Obviously, if you’re going for the super-bushy look, you’ll need to model them.

Oki !

thanks to all !! I already try modeling them, also with the ripsting’s script… but…
Oki thanks for your advices ripsting, I’ll use your method !

The next time you’ll see this head in these forum it will be in Finished Projects in a facial animation (I hope…)… I have to redo my f****** mapping … :frowning:

Thanks a lot !