How can I do it? [CASE CLOSED]

I don’t know how to name a topic title for this problem. I’ll start with the problem so here’s the complexed shape I’ve been working on:

You can see that the face part is already extruded inward…
and This is the picture I am trying to model-based on:

it’s quite a difficult shape and I am having trouble with it. If you are wondering what is it, it’s a locomotive train called EMD F59PHI. See the “A” in the second picture, it’s almost aligned with the rest of the surface, BUT “B” is not aligned so it’s more extruded inward. You can compare the first picture and the second picture to see the problem I am having.

I’m out of ideas to try to get the right shape based on the second picture. :thinking:

I’ll like to hear your opinion on how would you approach on how to get the right shape or somehow.

just move the B faces (Face Mode Select) inward i guess. move along the Desired axis

You haven’t noticed the first picture. it’s already extruded inward… Please take another look and you’ll see pretty much everything is already done.


here’s a very simple shape of what the second picture is showing:

You can see that “A” is not extruded inward at all. but “B” is extruded inward. There is the line between “A” and “B” that are sort of extruded.

the problem is how can I make the change to that complexed shape in the first picture. That’s what I am having trouble with. I hope this helps you understand the problem better.

Here is some starting topology, it hasn’t been shaped perfectly but it should give you some ideas.

st1.blend (701.1 KB)

i can’t open the blend file. it closes blender immeduately after launch.

I guess you can just redo it. Just start with the basic shapes


Then Push the B a Little Back (use edge select) I also added and pushed a little on the vertical edges in the between your A & B to produce a little curve transition

Then Bevel

Here’s the blend file in case you want to check.
train.blend (520.4 KB)


hmm that’s ineresting, I’ll try that method to see if it works out…

Okay it’s not working out well. I’ll have to do some research to see if I can find other methods or technique that would allow me to get the shaping right.

Obviously a bit exaggerated in this example, but you could try this. Create a separate object shaped like the cutout, and use a boolean modifier set to difference.

AH I didn’t think of that. I could try that idea. I’ll let you know how it turned out :thinking:

I forgot to post another post to tell you how it turned out.

and it went exactly as I want it to be. so that was the method that solve my problem. I really don’t think of that method. Thanks for reminding me of the usefulness of Boolean!


This case is closed now. Thanks to everyone for helping out. Take care!

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