How can I do the same way like this on Blender?

Don’t know where to put this thread might be on a wrong section. =/


Yes its on 3D max, can I do the same way on Blender?
I have few sketches that I want to make it into a 3D figure for my project I’m working on.

you would have recieved more answers had you posted this question in the Modeling section up above. Anyway, go to youtube and type in “Blender hand modeling” and you should be off and running from there!

Moved to support / modelling. I’ve not watched the video but if its about modelling a hand there are countless online tutorials showing this, with many different methods. The software used is pretty agnostic, its up to the users ability in knowing how to use whatever program they want.

I watched that video and it’s very well done.
Good point for Blender users is that it is not using some Maya-only functions, meaning that everything explained (mostly about moving vertices, extrudes and edges loops) and shown is actually completely applicable in Blender.

I totally agree. There is nothing in this tutorial that is exclusive to Maya, so you should just be able to follow along with the tutorial and use standard tools in Blender.

Oops late post haven’t been on-line much lately the reason I’m looking for similar method on Blender is because I find this much simpler because I have done the same method at school. Well I did manage to find one video on YouTube here’s the video.

Thanks for the help