How can I do these in UPBGE?

Many games will usually utilise a system where an object will be unloaded or culled to help stabilise the framerate when the camera has been turned away. A good example is a tree or shrub, and when the player turns the camera away, the object deactivates (culls) itself. I tried doing it via Python, but it didn’t work, so how is this possible? I don’t want to do it via Geometry nodes, Python tends to allow for more freedom.

Also, how can I texture an object when Use Nodes is set to off? A white plasticky object looks ugly on a detailed mesh. Someone said that disabling noded materials on rigged objects may help performance, so I might test that out.

I recall in this video that this user did some sort of geometry nodes that bypassed the Armature modifier, albeit with some limitations. Unfortunately, the user did not give a tutorial, and I am very eager to reproduce this effect in UPBGE to try and avoid dreaded slowdowns. I don’t exactly know how the user produced a geometry node(s) that bypass the armature, but it shows its doable.