How can I do this in Blender

Hi, I’m a newbie in Blender.
Can you please help me about how to doing this in blender

Thank you.

use a boolean modifier to cut up your model in all the different parts, duplicate it of course and then apply the modifier, then give each part a new material and subdivide a lot and pull out a few vertices. proportional editing has a random setting that should be useful for that together with random deselect.
to animate visibility in an animation you can hover over the eye and render icon in the outliner and press I to keyframe the visibility. then just replace the original model with the distorted parts like you want.

Thanks a lot for explanation
But can you please create a sample project for me?
Because I am afraid I cant handle this level creation by myself.

It needs alot of animation work, here is a quick example.
rotate_distort.blend (568.9 KB)

Thanks a lot