How can I do this in MS Word or OO.O Writer?

Hi guys.

I’m working on the lay-out of a how-to book I am in the process of writing. It’s supposed to be both readable from the screen and printable and it should remain as readable and functional either way.
One thing annoying the HELL out of me are headers. You see, I need to be able to have the page numbers on the outside like this:
I can’t do that directly in (not that I know of), but I can do it in Word and import the .doc so that’s not a problem
My problems are the headers: I need the title of the book on the right page and the slogan of the book on the left page. But neither word processor allows me to have alternating headers in the same document.
Is there a way to do that anyway?

Thanks in advance!

Have you considered Scribus? It will produce a pdf and include vector graphics if need be.

I have considered it, bu turned it down because it uses Ghostscript. As far as my knowledge goes, Ghostscript can’t create bookmarks in the .pdf files it outputs and I need that for functionality on-screen.
If Scribus DOES support bookmarks, let me know.

You can do that in OO.o

Insert headers into your document if they aren’t there already

  1. You need to tell it to NOT use the same headers for left and right pages
    Format > Page > Header (uncheck ‘Same content left/right’)

  2. Specify your title and slogan in the document properties
    Set your title at:
    File > Properties > Description > Title

Set your slogan at:
File > Properties > User Defined > Info 1

  1. put enough content in your document so that you have at least two pages (R & L)

  2. edit the headers appropriate for that style page
    Click in the header (for the appropriate L or R page) and insert the field
    Insert > Fields > Title
    Insert > Fields > Other > Doc Information > (expand ‘Info’) > Click ‘Info 1’

This should give you separate L/R headers with the different information in each. You can style each accordingly to how you want them (left/right justify, etc.)

Thanks 86.5! That made my day :slight_smile:
Let’s all chant:
Long live!

I’ve run into another problem…
Is it possible to tell OO.o writer the first page is page #0?

You can tell OOo that the second page is #1. Insert Fields>>Other>>Document>>Page,
then enter -1 as the offset. The second page will be 1, the third 2, and so on, but the first page prints nothing. Not sure why.

I learned about Page Styles as well… good stuff. Can someone tell me why I hadn’t found out about before?!
Maybe one more thing: are styles and formatting universal or file-bound?

Styles are file-bound. However, you can create a and save a file (can be a template) and load styles from it (Styles and Formatting>>New Style from Selection>>Load Styles).

Kay, thanks Friday13 :smiley: