How Can I do this

I have not used Blender in months and did primarily use it for creating various objects and Clothing items for Sims 3 . I am currently trying to convert sims 4 items to 3 using Sims4Studio to extract meshes and Overlay’s. Milkshape to convert OBJ file to WSO file and TSR Workshop to create the new Sims3 item. Some have been no problem. Some the overlay works in Blender and Milkshape. But some are completely off in TSRW. When looking in Blender in edit mode is see (image numb one)until I select Keep UV in Sync it shows (image numb 2)I believe this is the issue with the Overlay Matching. What can I do with this? being very new is there a simple way?

That’s indentional: The toggle for UV in sync switches between showing only the UV for selected faces or all. If you wann see all and for example move them down you have to select all or toggle.