How can i do this?

Hey, how can I have more than one texture on the same mesh? Please explain in extreme detail as im very new to Blender

You should post in blender general this question.

Select the faces you want the new material.

1.Press F9.

2.In Link and Materials press new.

3.Press Assign.

4.Press F5.

5.Press Material. Press the button that says [2]. To make a material single user.

Well this is quite funny. Last night a friend was here. and he was askin the exact question.

  1. Choose the verts you want to assighn the tex to.
  2. push f9 to go to the editing buttons.
  3. on the left you’ll see a pannel called material. there is a big button called assighn. Click those verts are assighned to that material
    (by the way this is the finished projects page!)
  4. say add asswell to add anoter materiall and add the other verts to that one and so on and so forth
  5. go the th shading buttons. There is a grey block with “mat” inside and a numer on eiter side of “mat”, That is you material you just did.
  6. choose th material you want to assighn the color to.
  7. sory gotta go