How can I easily hide my mesh in sculpt mode

when sculpting my mesh, I would like to hide it so I can see the reference photo that is positioned perfectly behind it.

Then I could see what the face looks like and then attempt to sculpt again to match the face perfectly. Is there a way you could help me do that with a keyboard shortcut because when I press H like I normally do to hide in edit mode, it just doesn’t work.

Thank you very much for all your help in advance:).

The easiest way would be to just toggle the eye icon of your mesh in the outliner.

OK thank you so much I appreciate your insights. Have a good day!

SHIFT+H hides the mesh in Sculpt mode. Sadly, it’s not a toggle, so you have to use ALT+H to view the mesh again, which is awkward.

I’m not sure if it affects background/ref images.

Shift H isn’t working for me my friend. Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Does it work for you?

Blender 2.93.5

I rarely use the Sculpting features. To test this, I made a high-division sphere and went into Sculpt Mode.

  1. Hitting H does something, but I don’t know what (bottom left corner of UI).
  2. Hitting SHIFT+H hides the mesh, and the prompt says “HIDE ACTIVE FACE SETS”, whatever they are. The eyeball remains ON in the outliner.
  3. ALT+H brings it back.
  4. Duplicated the object (in Object Mode, went back to Sculpt Mode).
  5. The current EDITABLE/SCULPTABLE object gets hidden by SHIFT+H. ALT+H brings it back.

I’m pretty sure I’m mis-using this feature, but it does hide the mesh here.

OK that’s weird… I guess I have to research why that doesn’t happen on my end. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Depending on how you’ve implemented your reference image, you may be able to use the IN FRONT visibility toggle to bring it in front/behind your mesh. It’s in the Object tab/Visibility section.