How can i efficiently erase this crap line on this head?

Hello everyone,

I’m just finishing a realist head modelling, but when i join the two parts ( i duplicated a the half head and applied mirroring on it), a crap line stay at the junction of them, due to the fact that that vertices were not perfectly aligned and parallel.

So how can i correct it please? Using a tool from the Sculpt mode?

Here are some snapshots!

NB: Notice that there’s a “conehead” effect, because even i try to use the best picture for reference, i did not manage to do a perfect symmetry on my model…

Thanks a lot!

In the mirror modifier setting enable clipping and merge. Increasing the merge limit may help if the vertices are not exactly on the centre line.

Thanks a lot!

I did not use the modifier, but Ctrl + M, Z. I’m gonna try with the modifier.