How can I extend my time logged in?

I get disconnectet from the forum just acouple of minutes after I login. Can I set that time to a larger period?

Can’t I ?
(bumping this up, for answer)

no it is just a forum, there are no limits. if you are having issues being logged in i suggest getting in touch with the forum moderators. look under site support at the bottom of the page or use the alert icon in the bottom left of your post to get a message to them

Did you try checking the “remember me” box as you log in?

Yes, thank you. That wasn’t it.
Though I do have Firefox set to clear history, so any new session would not remember.
But this forum, unlike others I know, logs me off in minutes.

If you’re enabling the the “Remember me” checkbox, the forum shouldn’t end your session until you explicitly log out (or you clear your cookies).

Perhaps you have an add-on that’s messing with things?