how can i fix a pose as the default?

I have a character imported from makehuman, who came in a sort of relaxed/arms down pose by default. I’ve carefully moved his bones into place to create a T pose which looks right, and now i want to set that as the default/rest pose

If i do ctrl+a, apply pose as rest pose. That seems to do the job on the armature’s side, bu t then my character moves to double that transform, resulting in his arms being high in the air.

what’s the proper way to do this?

Hi, maybe the weights are wrong (doubled) in the first place ?

Sounds like the new pose was keyed before making it the rest pose (auto keying turned on?). Now the keys are rotating your arms the same amount from the new rest pose. Check dopesheet and delete those keys.


One other thing to try - I found by accident that if I have vertices assigned to two bones, usually by mistake, that movement can be either doubled or in some cases halved. Its worth looking at which vertices are assigned to each bone. You can do this in Edit Mode by selecting nothing, select a bone in the Vertex groups and the click the Select button.

hii x resurrecting this thread. i’m still attempting to do this, but now i’m experiencing a different problem.

When i apply the current pose (T pose) as rest pose, the rigged model, which is also in the T pose, reverts back to the old rest pose, with the arms down and relaxed. The armature stays in the new T pose though, and the armature animating still works fine, but it looks very bad.

Like so:

How can i make this work properly, so that the model still hugs to the bones as it did before applying?

Here is how I would do it:

  1. Make a copy of the mesh and the armature and move them to a new layer with “M”. This way, if you mess something up, no work will be lost.

  2. Pose your character into your new default pose.

  3. Select the mesh and go to the modifiers. Find your armature modifier and hit the apply button. (Make sure it is at the top of the stack. Errors can occur if it is not.) This will remove the modifier, but the mesh will be in the new pose.

  4. Select your armature and go into edit mode.

  5. Make sure X-Axis Mirror and all bone layers are on. Position your bones to the new default location. You should only have to do one side if you have your bones named correctly and use x-mirror.

  6. When everything is in position, exit edit mode and select your mesh.

  7. Add a new armature modifier to the mesh and link it to your new rig.

Good luck!

0:54 What’s the shortcuts for those who are Windows users instead of Macintosh to set default pose?