How can I fix Particle Clusters in Mantaflow Sim?

I have spent about 4 hours today messing with every value I could think of to understand Mantaflow, but I think I need some outside help. My goal is to create a thin stream of water, maybe only a couple particles thick. I’ve come very close but the thing that keeps stopping me is the fact that particles seem to clump together? As velocity grows, these chunks (which are the size of my inflow) separate further and further until they’re no longer touching, and then the mesh bake has large gaps in the stream which are very undesirable. I have tried countless combos of resolutions (currently around 300) particle min/max going from 10-1000, timesteps for both the inflow and the domain going from 2-10, and narrow band with from 1-1000. The best I’ve gotten is a stream twice as thick as my goal. The size of the stream isn’t important though, my main question and the thing I haven’t been able to figure out with my testing is, what determines the rate in which the chunks of particles are created and how can I speed that rate up enough to close any gaps in the stream?

What about adding viscosity? That would change the look but maybe if you sped it up it would again look less viscous.

That might be a dirty fix, I’d have to take a look. I spent a couple more hours on the issue and it seems like having a time step around 20 fixed some of it, though now when my inflow turns on there’s a weird group of particles way off, separate from the start of the stream. Anyway, making the time steps around 20 and then baking the mesh in a way that “shrinks” it down might create a nice thin stream, I’m baking tests right now.