How can I fix stretched texture?

For some reason the texture on my spaceship’s engines is stretches, could anyone help me?

That’s what it looks like (sigh I am a newbie and it’s work in progress so it might look wierd):

Hmm…It looks as though you need to click the “cube” button. If that doesn’t work, apply the texture separately to each side.

also you can change the offset of the texture in the materials buttons with the XYZ buttons.

Yep, “cube” worked. Thx a lot.


Here’s a nice tutorial -


One question though, how do I open UV Calculation window as it’s shown in that tutorial, they don’t tell how to… :expressionless:

The window with the 3d object (white faces) is a normal 3d window with the object in face mode “F”, the calculation menu is brought up by pressing “U” in face mode. The window with the UV’s layed out is a “UV/Image editor” window.
I hope one of these answers your question :slight_smile:

Thanks! :wink: