How can I fix this odd bones

That’s the spine. Those are segments of a segmented bone.

Try, in edit mode, ctrl-n to clear bone’s roll. Might have to do more than the bones that are twisted. Ctrl-r to set bone’s roll. It’s hard to make out all the details from that pic, but this can happen if the bones on either side of the segmented b-bone and the segmented b-bone’s axis don’t match.


Thanks RR, but nothing happened when I tried Ctrl N :frowning:

Here are another pics while in Ed Mode

OK, next thing to check would be how does the segmented b-bone look in pose mode with the armature set to rest position? It should be perfectly straight, just like it is in edit mode. I can clearly see it’s not a bone roll or axis problem from your new pics, so my thinking is it’s something in pose mode that’s moving other bones and causing the twisting of the b-bones. If in pose mode and set to rest position, the bones are still twisted, I’d have to see the .blend to look further…


Thank you RR, but I no longer have that problem :wink:
I guess it had to do with the hip and shoulder bones, I removed them and now the problem is gone :slight_smile: