How can I fix this to make it more realistic?

What I have done is this…

What I want is this effect…

How can I fix this?

add in about 0.25 to 0.33 ambient occlusion

Where and how to what should I plug that into?

Not sure why you’re using so much blur.

On the Glare node; reduce Fade, increase threshold and maybe use Add instead of alpha over.

Better yet, upload the file with the images packed in.

As organic said, use add (Mix node, Add mode) instead of alphaover. It is an additive light element, not solid. And crank the intensity way down, it is like atomic explosion going on currently.

When I reduce the fade and increase the threshold it is still too bright and using the add node it is giving me weird results, sorry but I can’t upload the file because it is more than 30mb.

I think I will make it a soft glow instead and replace one of the add with an alpha over to get rid of the ‘snowflake’

Had almost the same problem and now I know how to solve it. Thanks!