How can i get a 3d animator job

how can i get a 3d animator job


The most important thing is to have a good animation reel that show your skills,
Something like this :

Then try to get feedback from professional animator : you can post it on blenderartist for review, probably someone with experience will chime in and comment.

From there, two possibilities :

1/ You’ve got enough skills, your reel is good enough to get you a job. Then it’s just a matter of sending your reel to various companies, looking for job offers . Maybe another professional may like your work and will point you to a company that is looking for animators right now.

2/ You need more time to perfect your skills : don’t try to go further if some professionals tells you that you need to work more then probably sending your reel to companies won’t work.

If you’re just starting 3D right now, maybe you should consider joining a school, especially in animation it’s hard to be self taught. But nonetheless it’s always informative to do something and show it to some professional, step by step you’ll improve and eventually get a job.

In which country are you living in ?

Bear in mind that learning 3D or animation need some years and the first job is the most difficult to get. But if you work hard and be patient eventually you’ll get there and things will get easier !

Cheers !

I am from Brazil