how can i get a cel shaded effect

how can i get cel shaded effects in blender?

and one more question, when i render a scene with shadows, they are pitch black. how do i reduce some value or something so they look a little more real(so i can still see whats there, and not have the shadow totally black.)

You get cel-shaded effects by using the ‘toon’ diffuse shader with the ‘toon’ or ‘ward ISO’ specular shader.

To soften shadows you’ll need to add another light source (I never construct a scene with less than three lights – one strong and two soft) or move into playing with Yafray.

Hope this helps.

You can turn on Ambient Occlusion to add ambient lighting and reduce shadows.

Just a guess, but I think suggesting the use of AO is in the wrong direction here…

Are you using ray-traced shadows? Try not to… try using buffered spots. They can be a little bit trickier to play with, but they’re easy to control and they render faster.

On a side-note, you’re looking to have soft shadows and cel shading? That may be stylistically jarring.

I do not get the impression he means soft shadows. It sounds like what he means is that the shadows are totally black, a result of only having one light source (so there is literally no light hitting the area in the shadows and they are solid black).

Ahh… my error in mis-reading. Sorry about that. In this case, I’m inclined to echo Duoas’ suggestion.

ya i was using ray traced shadows, thank you all for all the help.

oh, about having one light source, you were right. i wasnt aware that you needed more than one