how can I get clean, anti-aliased text on my videos?


My problem is,
whenever I import bitmaps from Gimp, the most time texts,
it’s always aliased in Blender, when I overlay them onto my video edit or 3d anim. no matter what resolution is.

however, if I make directly texts in Blender, it’s never aliased, very smooth, good looking.

so, I don’t even know if it’s problem with Gimp or Blender, or both.
I export .png format with no compression with anti-aliased option on, from Gimp.
it looks ok. I mean, ok. it’s not even perfect, just ok.
but then it’s imported onto Blender animation footage, then it’s just aliased, quite ugly.

do you guys have the some solutions to have clean, anti-aliased good looking texts?
if so, I beg you to share with me…it’s been quite a while that I’m struggling with this and I haven’t found any solution but making texts in Blender but it’s a bit limited…


Could you please upload an example png file that you have a problem with?
Do those problems occur in compositor?

the top one is from compositor and lower one is original png from gimp.
both are aliased, so I do obviously somethinng wrong from gimp.
but somehow, when you look at the text, original png has a bit cleaner edges…
it becomes more dramatic when composed.

so…I guess that if someone knows how to make totally clean text from gimp, it’d be very helpful…

'sorry I’m trying to upload original png but it keeps fail.
maybe it’s too big…the file is 8mb. uncompressed png at 1920x1080

Without original it’s hard to judge. Why don’t you make it smaller? I need it just to test something.

ok. this is compressed version of it.
apparently the compression didn’t change anything on the look of the text…


Gimp did something really strange. Alpha channel of this image is far from being acceptable.
This will never work in any app.
Here are the screenshots of your image composited over white background in Photoshop and in After Effects.

and here goes the blender’s composite (using Alpha Over node). All look exactly the same:

now I know where the problem comes from…thanks a lot.
I have no idea what did I do wrong in gimp. I just type text and export. what should I do more?
somehow I can not believe that gimp is just s**t. millions of people using it so…
maybe I have to learn a bit gimp. I don’t even know where to fix alpha channel problem.

anyway, thanks again for confirming the source of the problem. it’s a big help!