How can I get rid of flicker?

Hello All,
I am doing 3d walkthrough for inside of a simple building.
After starting game engine, when camera is walking through the building it doesn’t show the wall of far end - it is just black. When camera got closer and closer to it, at certain point, it appears.
Why is it happening? Is there a way I can get rid of it?
Thank you


first off, try restarting your computer… the BGE gets shakey/buggy after i use GTK applications (especialy Xchat)


there is a phenomena called Zfighting that occurs when 2 polygones occipy the exact same space…
just look at your model, and make sure you have not accidentally duplicated it.

hope that helps…

if not please upload a .blend file

p00f you are the only one replied. Thank you so much
I tried to upload my .blend file, but it keep saying it is failed.
I tried to post my image but I don’t know how.
Could you think of any other reason?

I think I know what it is, it’ll be your camera’s limits. In the game engine, it will only draw objects within a certain distance, to save processing power. You can change this distance by selecting the camera and going into the editing buttons (F10). There will be a “Clipping” section with Start and End distances. Just increase the end one until the wall at the back becomes visible.
Hope this helps:yes:

Thank you animatinator
I think something of you are suggesting is right; somehow camera doesn’t recognize certain distance above it. However, I tried extending clipping that you described, it didn’t work.
Is it a genuine problem with game engine?
Please please help

Upload a .blend file to (or something like that) if you haven’t tried already.

It’s not the clipping that’s causing the problem? Hmm that’s peculiar, please do upload a .blend for us to analyse.


you can walkthrough using arrow keys
z is left turn and x is right turn
please please take a look at this file

Thank you all!!!

It’s your clipping just like animatinator and braveheart suggested. End is set to 60. Set it to something higher. 500 or even 1000.

To change it, select the camera. Then in Buttons Window Menu >> Editing(F9) >> Camera Tab. Clipping is about half way down.