How can I get rid of the link between two keyframes?

Each time I hit ‘I’ to insert a keyframe in the Action Editor, if the previous keyframe on that channel is linked, the new one will be linked too (with a thick horizontal line). I can’t find a way on the menu to disable or get rid of that #$%@% link which affects the next keyframe in an undesirable way. I’m sure there must be a way (although very well hidden).
So what is the magic spell for this purpose?

At the current frame one of the keyframes are entered linked and the other normal (both have some change in position). Any ideas?


the thick line between two keyframes means they share the same value.


I don’t want them to share the same value. If I change the position on the upper channel shown, all previous (linked) frames on that channel take that new position -I don’t want that. In the lower channel though, if I change the value no horizontal line appears.

That link is not doing anything. It’s only indicating that the value has NOT changed. If you want a different value you need to change it at that position.

I’m not sure how else to help you. You may need to provide a clearer explanation to your problem.

I uploaded this Blender screencast for proof of this unjustified behavior - and for a better understanding.

As you see, I changed the position of both objects, still one of them got the horizontal line.

Ah! I see what you are saying now. I have seen this bug in a few tutorials now that I think about it. (Kent Tremmel’s Piero tut on CG Cookie for one.) I thought you were saying that it was changing your animation.

Submit a bug report. It’s annoying, but not a deal breaker, IMHO. It’s just a graphical glitch in the dope sheet. Also, sometimes the bar will highlight for unknown reasons. It can also be very annoying.

Good luck!

Edit: Just watched it again and I see the problem. Your blue disk is not moving even though you set a new position and keyframe.

I can’t tell from the limited video what would cause that. I’ll study it a bit and see if I can come up with anything.

Try this: Hover your mouse in the 3d window. Type “I” for the keyframe insertion menu. Click insert LocRotScale. Or, you could manually click your transforms for the object and select insert keyframe from there.

I really don’t have any other ideas.


Good luck!

I don’t think its a bug. You inserted “only to selected channels” but didn’t show which channels. expand those objects in the dopesheet, you’ll see there is x,y,z location, x y z rotation – all these are individual channels. You moved the items but didn’t rotate. so between the beginning and end, the rotation value stayed the same, and the dopesheet showed the two keyframes as linked.

Actually, there’s a clue right in the video.

When you move the first object, all the channels under Transform (upper right of the screen) turn yellow.

When you move the second object, those same channels do NOT turn yellow. So, obviously, you’re not keying the movement, rotation or scaling and that’s why the Dope Sheet registers the values of both keyframes as being the same.

Bottom line: figure out what channels you have selected.

Ok, this is a second short clip that clears things up and shows the workaround (thanks to DanPro):

As you see in the video, there is a number of inconsistencies:

[1]. Not all channels are shown for the blue object, contrary to the yellow one.

[2]. If you haven’t expanded the object’s main channel, all sub-channels are assumed to be selected when adding a keyframe using “Only Selected Channels” (snce you have selected the main channel) so if you only change position, a dot will be shown representing the sub-channel(s) you changed. This is the expected behavior (as you might not care about the other channels) -but only for the yellow NOT the blue object.
The blue object’s channels, are not shown (if expanded) and obviously are not enabled internally, hence the horizontal-bar representing only the non-changed channels. That part of Blender code doesn’t know there are more channels (bug) for the blue object for unknown reason.

[3]. Even if you select “All Chanels” or “In Active Group” the issue remains.

[4]. Now if ‘I’ is pressed inside 3D view instead of the timeline area and 'Location" or LocRotScale etc is selected, those channels will be shown and become active for the blue object too.

Bottom line: Hitting ‘I’ inside timeline and selecting “Only Selected Channels” is NOT recommended as it’s buggy. Only hitting 'I" inside 3D view and selecting an option from the menu seems reliable.

One more try. :slight_smile:

Go to frame one of your animation. Select the blue thingie. Set a keyframe for all channels that you will be using in this animation. The channels should turn yellow. At any other point in the animation, the channels should show green unless it is a point that you have inserted a new keyframe value. (It will be yellow in that case.) This green indicator tells you and Blender that this channel has a keyframe on it. You cannot use the “Insert on Selected Channels” function until you have inserted a keyframe on that channel.

In your video you can see if you select the yellow thingie, the transform channels are yellow or green. When you select the blue one, they are white. This says that you have not previously set a keyframe on this object or it’s channels.

Make sense?

Good luck!

You are right DanPro, if the required channels are added in the first frame using ‘I’ in 3D view, then the other functions mentioned, work properly, no more issues -that’s the final solution! Thanks for your help!

Obviously, everything I’ve written and uploaded so far is …wrong! :eek:

I was deceived by the previous values shown from the “Influence” channels -I’m not sure what they are yet and how they got there (as this is an old short attempt I’m restoring). Before posting here, I tried to insert a keyframe at frame zero, by moving the blue object, but with the timeline’s “Insert Keyframe” menu, so nothing happened.

Still, there is zero feedback and guidance from the interface itself to why something doesn’t work, unless you’ve been taught specifically each bit of information (as anyone can see, I have almost zero experience in animation). It took me two days (again) to arrive to a solution -only after I’ve been told that solution!
Without a human being as a guide it’s impossible to find your way in Blender if you are a beginner in any area -that’s what frustrates me the most, beyond tolerance, as I believe there should be no manuals, documentation, tutorials and even more no need to always ask someone for help in any software! The interfrace itself should be perfectly organized and provide you all the required feedback you need to find your way and do what you want to do.