how can I get rid of these warnings

I m having this warnings that the sound file is not on that folder, but I dont care about them, actually I allready deleted them all, so, how can I let blender know that I dont care about this files?
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Disable auto-pack

file—external data—unpack—disable auto-pack, keep packed files


make an empty file named “wrong_cube.wav” on that path, and pack it (blender will no notice it, but its a BAD practice)

Thanks a lot juan, this kind of thing is so basic but I never learned before, thanks alot now I ll never forget!

OR save the sound file again, then remove the sound file from blender (IDK how) then use the NEWLY SAVED sound file… (Works for images when I get that error…)

Thanks mousedroid but I think that the other method worked fine for me, and it was just a couple of clicks,ehehe, I never read all the options when you pack something, finally someone told me what to do, anyway, thanks mousedroid.