How can i get sponge material

Just learning with cycles material nodes. Tweaking the settings. I want to get sponge material.

Like this

Uptill know i tried this

Got this result

Can anybody help me. I know it need lot of work to do. But how can i create this type of material. Any help or suggestion. Thanks

sponge.blend (479 KB)

did you try with some volumetric material ?

seen this before have to find sample file

happy cl

I tried. But when i take cube and add the material and control the above yellow image that effect it does not gives me.

Well, i got this…

Just fiddle with it… play, learn by trial & error… Effect mostly depends on the size of your object and the settings you set.

… and here’s also ‘your’ modified sponge scene

sponge.blend (661.2 KB)

Yes now looks perfect what i need. Thanks

Fine :wink: just mark as solved :ballot_box_with_check:

sorry forgot :grinning:

I have copied that cube and paste and applied that material on to my cube but did not get that effect above seen. May i know the reason plz . I have attach the file.
new sponge file.blend (693.6 KB)

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well, it’s not as easy as copy/paste & voila… magic is in everything relative, but not all relations are equal :wink:

for easier work in your case, you first need to apply scale to objects, then change texture scale, density, color and few other settings accordingly (including Volume step size)

here… newerSponges.blend (824.7 KB)


Thanks I have applied the scale and played with the settings but i think this is the best result.