How can I get the full UvMap with a mirror modifier applied to a mesh?

Is it possible to get the full (mirrored) UV map from a mirror mesh modifier



Argh… no one to help me ?

Use the UV offset at the bottom of the modifier panel.

I tried all of them… i didnt succeed in it ;(

Which one is it in 2.8 ?

Check the Modified box in the UV window > N panel > Display to show the offset UVs

Like this

Oh 2.8 should still be the same

Thank you for helping me. I didnt succeed in 2.8 then I reinstall 2.79. But i didnt find how to ‘Display to show the offset UVs’ ;(
I clicked on every check box without success.


No problem, I probably confused you with the version switch. Here’s an example in both versions. Make sure you have the modified checked and you have an offset value other than zero.

Thnx so much for your help. It is much clearer for me now.
I still have a problem ;(

In fact I have to modelise a quarter of a circle - add a X / Y axis modifier to get a full circle and apply a circle texture on it.

It is ok for the ‘top’ circle, but doesn’t work for the ‘bottom’.round_uvmap.blend (1.1 MB)

You need two mirror modifiers, one for the X one for the Y. That way you can control the UV flip

Here’s fixed file round_uvmapV1.blend (1.1 MB)

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Big Up critch, you are my hero of the day :wink:
Thanx a lot again