How can i get the wine to show?


I have a little glass problem in yafray.
I am trying to get a nice glass filled with wine, i got the meshes for both but when i try to render it, the whine doesn’t show?

how can i get it to show up and get a nice glass filled with wine?
Settings glass
Settings wine and yafray

P.s. i know there are a lot of ugly spots in the render but i can fix those i just want the wine to show up first :slight_smile:

maybe because of lack of light ?
try increasing the energy of the light sources…


  • Too little light
  • too little raydepth
  • very dark color filter AND absorption…no surprise. Decide on one…

oh AND dispersion?? You know that with a red material there is not much of the spectrum left to disperse? And with 1 sample, it won’t ever work anyway.
I’d put dispersion power and filter to 0.

and depending on scene scale, the absorption distance may be way too small