How can i get the xbox360 controllers values( left/right/up/down )

So i just started implementing the xbox360 controller into my game using the joystick actuators and it feels really stiff since the thing that makes controllers special is missing: The ability to walk/move/turn at a custom speed.
Now i think i know how i can fix that exept i wasnt able to find a way to get the amount that the stick has been moved in a certain direction.

I already have a system in place that enables camera and character movement ( im talking about a comfortable one ) but im still missing the controller.

A few smaller things i wanted to ask in addition to the main attraction are:

  1. How can i check if a controller is plugged in?
  2. How can i get the values for the right stick?
  3. Any way to measure the amount that the bumpers have been pressed down( if this requires something else than whats already in blender then i dont need this )

Hi , here some links that helped my .im still a python noob but this might help you
and check out my BGE and Blender Python youtube playlists
its a lot of joystick tutorials

The first link doesnt have anything to do with phython btw.
I think you misunderstood.
I need a way to assign the value that the stick has been moved in each direction to variables something like this:

    this is the part i dont know :D


The links that you gave me only include one thing that comes close to this but from what i have seen all it does it give you the value of how much the stick has been moved away from the center :smiley:

I got what i wanted but im having a small problem:
My character gets stuck after i move him in every direction.
Here is my code:

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
obj = cont.owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
sens = cont.sensors["Xbox360"]
tforward = cont.actuators["track forward"]
tright = cont.actuators["track right"]
tleft = cont.actuators["track left"]
tback = cont.actuators["track back"]


if upDown>5:
    cont.activate('track back')
if upDown< -5:
if leftRight>5:
if leftRight< -5:

tleft, tright and so on are the respective track to actuators that steer the character in a certain direction.

Aaah ,ok

I have a similar problem

im trying to control actions with the axis values for digital puppetry

It works , but it freezes the actions some times and I have to move the joystick again to bring the action start position
there has to be a better way to wright the code.
maybe the better way is to but it in a so called " function ".

but i don’t know how to do that.
here is my code . quite the same way and problem:(
Joystick_Puppetry_Test.blend (538 KB)

ive i know how to fix it i will let you know