How can i get these fuse model to become a shape of the other

Hi Guys
I have 2 body types and i want to make the one(skinny) a shape key of the other (obese).
When i do a shrinkwrap it adopts the shape perfectly but it wont let me apply shrinkwrap with shape keys attached.
So anyway around this i want to apply the skinnybody as a shape key of the obese by using shrinkwrap(if theres some workaround) or is there some method that works similar to shrinkwrap but without the shape key restriction?


Why does the object you are shrinkwrapping have shapekeys ?
You can transfer an object as a shapekey of the current object using the ‘join as shapes’ option

Hi Richard
I did the xfer shapes but it turns the guy with the newly added shapekeys into a crossbow so very warped outcome. The models are from fuse so there topography is identical so not sure why the warp effect/uploads/default/original/4X/0/0/b/00be9786fb061ae53e25713f058a145d8e497421.pngstc=1/uploads/default/original/4X/8/5/1/8514aac6453f1900aba13ab36f2e4b17ff6a8c4a.pngstc=1


So I have these 2 fuse models that have the same topography and id like to make the one a shape of the other but I don’t know why it does not work could someone help me get this working please if it is possible.

shapekey.blend (1.32 MB)

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Were both objects created from the same original model with no editing apart from just moving vertices ? The vertex order may be different between the two models.

All i did was delete the eyes and eyebrows which were not connected to the models otherwise the models are both as they were downloaded so no edits on my part whatsoever.

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