How can i get this material?

First hello . . .

Instead of an image that may suggest that you want to make a glass material. . . a simple phrase like “Hello, how to make the texture of the jelly bear?”

Then you add some details: with Blender version x.xx.x, under Cycles / under EEVEE / …

You can also do a search in the Forum: Results for jelly

Try it for yourself already and if that does not give the expected result, ask a new question by showing the community what you have tried to do … :slightly_smiling_face:

Watch this video : Blender - Fast Gummy Candy With Sugar [Blender 2.8]

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Yeah, it isn’t at all clear which texture you want to create exactly. The glass/plastic of the bottle? The green bear? The red bear? The slightly cartoony jelly candy material?