how can i get this ....

Hi guys,

I am new at blender and I have a lot of questions but one of these is how can i get white color

Off course it is silly question you think but it is one of the small things I couldn’t figure it out. Is it the light or the material or both or something I don’t know

for example if u render the default cube or create a new cube no matter what i do with it

it will look gray

Please help if u can



It’s both. The colour an object appears depends on what colour it reflects (i.e. what colour it is) and the intensity and colour of the light shining on it.

To make an object look white, just give it a white material and light it with a white light. If it looks grey, increase the brightness of the light or bring the light closer to the object. If you want the object to look really white you’ll probably want to set the Ref amount in the material settings (the amount of light reflected) closer to 1 (i.e. so it’s reflecting more of the light shining on it). If you want the object to be pure white, enable Shadeless in the material buttons - the object will no longer be affected by any light shining on it and will appear whatever colours you set for it.