How can i go about making cool animations like Diablo?

I’m new to animation does it take a long time to make like 2 characters battling each other with swords and stuff? and how should i get started; where can i get models? thanks for reading

It depends on what your looking for. You may find resources on the net and just Frankenstein something together. It will require some learning and research on how to “sew” the parts together. Its hard to tell you how long it would take you to learn, not knowing your life or situation.

If you plan on working from scratch it will take you quite a while to learn the skills necessary. However if your not picky on how it looks and functions you may be able to whip something up in shorter time span.

The animations in the latest installments of Diablo would take quite a while to learn all the skills such as modeling, rigging, textureing, animating, rendering, the list goes on.

Sorry if I sound like I’m trying to discouraging you, I’m just painting a realistic picture on what is typically required. You can make some really good animations with this program if you take the time to learn how to use it.

As for “where do I start”. I would begin with modeling first. Make fun stuff that you like, it doesn’t have to be difficult. When I started I just made random props. If you like fantasy stuff, try making some swords, shields and such. You can also work on a character, modeling “skin” presents its own challenge and you can learn a lot from it.

There are many tutorials on the net that will give you an idea how to start and solve the various problems you will come across.

Learning 3D modeling and animation is well worth the effort in my opinion. And since Blender is free, you have nothing to loose by trying.

Thank you very much for your reply, but one last question, do i have to have some ‘artistic’ skills in order to animate? because i don’t know how to draw (not on a computer nor on a piece of paper)

3D modeling is more like sculpting with clay than drawing, I honestly can’t draw worth crap. Like any skill in life you just have to practice.

That is one of the reasons I recommend starting out with modeling simple stuff. Swords are very simple to model and are good practice for making mechanical or hard surface models. I started with human faces when it came to flesh modeling. Just pick something that you want to make and go from there.