How can I group my objects and make them hidden at once?

I tried creating an Empty Object and make it Parent of all the Objects I selected, but when ever I make the Pareted Object Hidden the Child Objects don’t become hidden.

I basically want to keep my Objects Organized for when ever I’m working on a particular part.

Is there any way I can do this?

Could select the parent, shift+G -> children, enable selection extend on the operator panel and hide. Could also select the parent, numpad_period in the outliner to find it on the list and ctrl+click on the viewport visibility icon.

press on part of the mesh in the group, shift G and select group, then press / on the numpad to isolate that selected group.

Alright these are all cool but. I want to be able to just hide all my objects that are childs of my parent object with just 1 click.

Press ctrl on the eye icon of the empty in the outliner and clic.
That will hide the empty and childrens :wink:

^^^ wish I’d had known this before :wink:

Whew! That’s what I’m talking about, thanks a lot dude. definitely putting this on my notes lol.

Or shift g -> c -> h

that will select all the children of the selected object, then hide them from the viewport.