How can I have a round beveled with displace mofidier?

Hi, I’d like to have this kind of volume with a displace modifier…

For this, I blur my BW picture in Gimp, apply a displace modifier, but it is too flat.

I tried with materilize opensource from , but I didnt suceed in it.

bevel indian chief.blend (665.4 KB)

Have you got an idea to do this ? thx

You can maybe in paint prog smart select and shrink selection then fill with a careful slightly less dark then blur that layer until it looks beveled enough. I can’t remember if nodes have erode, but you might be able to do it in nodes as well

Looking for this kinda thing?

Just inner shadow in photoshop. You could manually paint this effect for the best control, or use the stamp as a mask sculpting.

That looks pretty good, also I just checked and erode is in compositing I don’t know if it follows the form better. probably after a few layers it’s a blurry mess

Thx for your example, it sounds really better than the ‘blur filter’. I have to make different test try ‘inner shadow’.

thx for your help too.
have you got an example with the ‘erode in compositing’. I didnt understand ;(
I didnt mentioned it, but it is for 3dprinting. I have to export it in STL format.

Import it as SVG then use curves features to add bevels, extrude etc. That way you can pull and push the components to create more depth.

Stamp mask, I saw on Blender youtube that there was a bunch of new masking options.

I made this with nodes, I think it can be bulked out but small headband detail would mud up.
I was trying to fade the white area but it is very difficult, and suddenly I had like 10 nodes, probably a single glare filter would work as well :smiley: Hopefully someone doesn’t counterfeit money with this!

2.8 (I’m just now learning 2.8)
bevel dilaterV3.8.blend (631.9 KB)
bevel dilaterV3.blend (625.6 KB)

Here is the way I mentioned initially with shrink selection, with no blur applied, it’s pretty easy