How can I have Multiple Gradients?

I’ve seen a few tutorials on how to set up a gradient material, but I am very bad at mapping the location of the gradient. Is there an easier way to do it? I also would like to have multiple spots with a gradient. How can I do this?

The gradient color is simply the X component of the coordinate vector used in the input socket. By default, it uses the Generated coordinates. You can use whatever coordinate system to get what you want,
You just need to define where the gradient starts and where it ends(x=0=black and x=1=white, respectively).

So if you want a more precise answer, you need to give us more info on what you want to accomplish…
please post everything about your problem: sketches, references, .blend files, etc…

Well, to be honest, I’m trying to model something like this! :smile:

vertex painting???

There are so many ways to get gradients over surfaces… each use case might require a specific approach. But by your example, vertex painting solves your problem in a blink of an eye.

Hmm… this certainly helps… but the painted area isn’t showing in rendered mode.

Basically, I have a blue diffuse material already assigned to the object.

Use the Attribute Node with the name of your vertex_color layer (you can have more than one layer).

I personally like to use black_to_white gradients in the vertex_color layers, and use them in conjunction with a MixRGB or a ColorRamp node.

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Hm… That sounds like a pretty good idea! Thank you! :slight_smile: