How can I have my mesh match the animation of the armature?

I followed the steps on the Blender Official YouTUbe channel on how to rig my character. I parented it with automatic weights. Then I tried a test animation for the mesh. However, the armature does the animation, but not the mesh as well. PLEASE HELP ME so I can continue working on my animated film

Why do you have two armatures? You only need one. Delete the one off to the side, go into Edit Mode on the one in your mesh, and position the bones so they line up with the mesh. (i.e. spread the arms into T-Pose like your mesh.) Set all Transforms on your Mesh with Crtl+A > All Transforms, Clear the parent of the mesh, and reparent with automatic weights

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Hi, Have you checked that the mesh is attached before applying the mocap animations?

I have 2 to append the animation to the armature attached to the mesh

No, how do you do that?

Like this:

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I think this was meant for me.:wink:
You select say the upper arm bone or the upper leg and rotate it before you apply the animations.

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